NBA JAM TE strategies

Offensive Tips

To get on fire:

Getting your player on fire can help you cruise past the opposition and place you comfortably in the lead. The way to do this, of course, is to hit 3 shots in a row without allowing the other team to make a shot. There is a little trick you can use. Goaltending is the answer. Sure, the other team will still get the points, but it doesn’t count as a score.

Stay on fire:

Once you’re on fire, you’ll have unlimited turbo and better yet, you’ll be allowed to goaltend! So, go score your 3 pointer and then run back under the other team’s hoop and get ready to jump after anything they put up. You won’t be penalized and you’ll be able to continue your hot-streak.


Shooters have a better chance of scoring when they’re left open. Take your big man to the hoop and halfway through the dunk, let a pass sail out past the line to your shooter. Remember to release the ball at the peak of your jump to get the best results!

3-Point placement:

To increase your 3 point percentage shoot from the corners of the court. I find the best one is the upper corner. I almost cannot miss 3 pointers with Rodman.
-from Joe Carr

Not always 3’s:

I know people who think they have to score a 3 on every possession. This is what loses the game for you. Try one every once in a while, but remember to stick with your bread and butter dunks – the easy shots.

Easy 2's:

To always score 2 points, shoot hook shots. Start near the free throw line and run up or down and shoot. It will be a hook shot. I rarely miss with this shot.
-from Joe Carr

Rebounding is Key:

The player who rebounds the most, especially offensively, wins almost always. Follow your shots, shove whoever else is under the hoop and jump IMMEDIATELY after it hits the rim.
-from Adam Gurno

Defensive tips


When the other team passes the ball in, try to push ‘em down right away. Sometimes this works, other times they burn past you for a quick dunk. Try to push the intended pass receiver down when you see a pass coming.

Blocking shots:

I find that blocking shots is most productive when your jumping towards the guy with the ball. Very seldom can you swat one away when you’re falling back.

To block a dunk/super dunk: You have to time it so that you hit the rim coming up exactly as the other player is coming down on the rim. You can reject most of the really big dunks this way. It's tough to learn, though.
-from Adam Gurno

Dunk Take-Down:

When the opposing player goes up for a dunk, stand a bit in front of their net, and shove 'em down before they can finish the dunk. That'll really tick off your friends!
-from Kevin Manne

Stop goaltending!

You’d do more good getting in the their face and pushing them around. Chances are, their shot won’t go in’re just bailing them out.

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