Electronics Boutique to Give the Jaguar Another Chance

Hello everyone...My name is Wes Pederson and I am the Web page creator for the EB WORLD web page at Electronics Boutique.

We have responded to your requests for us to carry the new JAGUAR games by TELEGAMES.

We have decided to try it one more time and see how it works. We will not be offering these games in the stores to start with but we will be offering them through our mail order department as a test. If this test works, we will look into carrying them in the stores as well. Here is how it will work.....We will test it with IRON SOLDIER 2 by offering it through our mail order department at a price of $59.99 and when you call and tell them that you heard about it from the EB WEB PAGE, you will get an additional $10.00 Gift Voucher upon the delivery of your new game that you can use towards your next purchase at EB. (Store or Mail order)

To place your Pre-Order call 1-800-800-0032

We pride ourselves in listening to you the customer and what you want...So here is your chance to make a difference...Lets here from you folks.....

If this test goes well, we will look at offering the rest of the TELEGAMES titles for the JAGUAR...



Things are looking up for the Jaguar indeed. I don't know what to say. If I say "Order these games from EB instead of Telegames, BOF, Go Atari, or Toad Computers", that would be stupid. I've already pre-ordered my games from Go Atari. I do my cousin's ordering for him, so we'll support EB with his order.

Thanks to Electronic Boutique for giving it another shot.

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