Baldies Strategies

The all-winning strategy

Right when you start to play the game, turn almost all of the baldies into builders to make a building (if necessary). Once the building is finished, rally everyone into the fort. Assign one person to the builder spot, and put the rest in charge of producing ammo. Once you build up your green bar, send an army dude out to destroy the enemy. If worse comes to worse, you can pull your builder and have him work on ammo as well. The fort may blow up, but you can still stay in there for a while.

Once you can't see any enemies outside, start your exploration if you'd like. You can now make inventions and huge forts without fear of destruction.

If you're not looking to do that, just keeping bombarding the baddies until the level is complete.

Easy way to get rid of traps.

When you spot an X somewhere on your territory, this means the bad guys are going to set a trap there. Get a rock and set it directly on the X. When they bad guy lays the trap down, it automatically disappear.

by Wes Powell

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