BattleMorph CD

    * Level Codes (enter as "new player"):
         2. Carmine:   ATDC2          5. Straussen: ATDC5
         3. Ferial:    ATDC3          6. Pyroxine:  ATDC6
         4. Pan Alma:  ATDC4          7. Cygnus:    ATDC7
                                      8. Pernish:   ATDC8
    * Hidden Bonus Planets:
         1. Zephyr     Peramer      Dyphor         Clip, Ships(2)
         2. Carmine    Aphelion     Adeptus        Clip, Ships(2)
               "       Sanctine     Camillari      Trees?
         3. Ferial     Tyran Tehr   Brockshear     Clip, Ship
               "       Charnel      Kant Liur      Ships(3)
         4. Pan Alma   Shau Yen     Tantaul        Clip, Ship
         5. Straussen  (none)       (none)
         6. Pyroxine   Alkelam      Isolmin        Flash(75%), Ship
               "       Cyclozone    Borazine       Flash(75%), Clip, Ship
         7. Cygnus     Chalnook     Brichardii     Clip, Ship
         8. Pernish    Laxer        Reiss          Ships(7)
    * Eggs:
       * Comedy Mode:
            Enter "A NAME" for a new player. Sound confirms. Play a game.
       * Quake Weapon:
            Destroy most of the trees on all worlds of the first cluster.
       * 2 Extra Ships: Debrief with a score ending with "99"
       * 99,958 Bonus Points: Debrief with a score ending with "42"

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