Alien Vs. Predator

 * Cheats:
       * Activate "Hold that Fuji!" (during game play):
            (Pause + Option) + (1+3, 2+5+7+9)  Predator laugh confirms
          * Commands:
             * Security Clearance    = Raise:Option+6; Lower:Option+9
             * Motion Tracker Toggle = Option+8
             * Recharge all weapons  = Option+1+2+3+4
             * Shotgun toggle        = Option+1
             * Pulse Rifle toggle    = Option+2
             * Flame Thrower toggle  = Option+3
             * Smart Gun toggle      = Option+4
       * Activate "Banana Stops" (*=STar, #=POund) (during game play):
             Step 1) Pause,Option,6,1+3
             Step 2) B,A,9,A,9,A    "BANANA"
             Step 3) *,Option,6     "STOPS"
             Step 4) #,*            "POST"
             Step 5) *,Option       "STOP"
             Step 6) 2,Option       "TOP"   (Predator laugh confirms)
         * Commands (the same as "Hold that Fuji!"; see above). Also:
             * Level Select = Option+A (Up), Option+B (Down)
               (Up = 5,4,3,2,1, Pred. Ship, Alien Ship, Airducts)
             * God mode = Option+5
               (Invincible & auto weapons power-up. Must have ammo first)
       * Freeze Alien Queen (just outside the Queen's Lair):
            Save game, then reload. Queen will be frozen & can be damaged.
            She'll die when you unfreeze her by walking through entrance.
       * Shoot Predators first (in the Predator ship):
            Before collecting the smart gun, use the pulse rifle or shotgun
            to shoot around (or at where you know Predator(s) will appear
            when you get the smart gun). You'll see the blood, and if you've
            used enough ammo, the Predator(s) will die as soon as you
            collect the smart gun.
       * Shortcut to Alien Ending:
            Enter the "Banana Stops" cheat. Make a cocoon and when it is
            mature, get your alien killed (don't enable God mode,
            obviously). As the screen fades dark & the cocoon is hatching,
            press Option+A/B (for level up/down) and the screen will fade to
            the Alien Ending.
    * Eggs:
       * Global Positioning (during game play):
            (Pause) + (Option, 1+3, Option)  Shotgun sounds confirm
          * Details:
             * dec(xx,yy)     = your X/Y Coordinates "course" position
             * hex(aaaa,bbbb) = your X/Y Coordinates "fine" position
             * l(01) through l(05) = Sublevels 1 through 5
             * l(06) through l(13) = Airducts 1B,2B,3B,3C,4B,4C,5B,5C
             * l(14)               = Alien Ship
             * l(15)               = Predator Ship

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