Atari Karts

    * Cheats:
       * Access any Challenge's Miracle Race:
         1. Select the Beginner Challenge Miracle Race.
            (You must win this race at least once)
         2. While camera zooms-in on your kart, press Reset (* + #).
         3. Select the Challenge who's Miracle Race you want to play.
         4. The Miracle Race for that Challenge will now be highlighted
            (don't move it!) and can be played to win the boss kart.
       * Miracle Race Track Short-cuts
         (directions are from the starting line)
          * Beginner   :  3 left bends then on the right side.
          * Warrior    :  Immediately to your left.
          * Miracle    :  ??
          * Jaguar Aces:  3 left bends then on the right side.
    * Eggs:
       * Sit and Spin: On the desert race, slowly run over a purple spot
         that causes your kart to lose control. When on top of the patch,
         turn left or right and press pause twice. The whole world will be
         spinning around!

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