Jaguar 64 Hardware

Jaguar 64 Hardware

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The hardware and accessories.

Jaguar Essentials

Atari Jaguar 64 (Multimedia Entertainment System)

Cartridge based unit, 2Mb RAM, 24-bit colour, stereo sound, 64 bit bus, 5 chips, 2 32 bit RISC CPU's, 64 bit object processor, 64 bit Blitter, Digital Signal Processor and 68000 CPU for I/O etc. Supports 1-8 unique 17/23 button controller(s). (3/8 fire buttons and numeric keypad) RGB and composite video and s-video plus either PAL UHF or NTSC output.

(Picture of Jaguar+Jaguar CD)

An Atari Jaguar 64 with Jaguar CD and cartridge installed.

Atari make US (NTSC) and UK/European (PAL) models, and series K and M. There is NO French (SECAM) model available- French users MUST use a SCART/Peritel cable. Cartridges are universal, and can auto-adapt to the display type.

Rumours of a Jaguar II upgrade seem well founded- reputed to be several times more powerful than a Saturn or Playstation, this unit was promised to be available in two versions, an upgrade to the existing "classic" Jaguar and also as a stand-alone console. The Jaguar/2 should NOT be confused with the Jaguar Combo unit which simply packages the Jaguar and CD unit in one unit for enhanced sales.

Atari Jaguar CD (Compact Digital Media Player)

CD drive addition to Jaguar, 512K RAM, double speed drive, 352.8K/second data transfer, built-in VLM (Virtual Light Machine) music CD visuals, CD player, CD+G player, support for 25 frames/second FMV (full motion video) CinePak technology.

Other Jaguar Hardware

Jaguar 64 Projects

Information on self-build projects and cable wiring to follow.