Some Previous Feedback!

(JustClaws Feedback)

Some feedback has been overtaken by events.

23/1/96 Electronic Boutique (UK)

I phoned EB yesterday and asked to speak to Customer Relations, enquiring why, when I went into Darlington store on Saturday they told me that they'd had an urgent message recalling all Jaguar stock to head office. Why, I asked, was this happening when customers bought their machines expecting to get continued support from the store. They had turned round in a day and dropped support, not even phasing the machine out. The manager at EB head office whom I spoke to was not even aware of the decision, but promised to investigate. The two local stores themselves were baffled, the managers stating that the Jaguar was doing well.
I pointed out that "you don't buy a Ford from a Ford dealer, then find they say they get better sales of Vauxhall, so hard luck, you'll have to shop elsewhere". Of course they could only agree. The lady I spoke to, (the Operations Manager) assured me that they would welcome customer feedback, and would ensure that feedback received would be brought up at a meeting soon to be held at the highest level. It is unlikely the decision will change.
(I've heard rumours that EB's recall has more to do with major MONEY problems!)

4/1/1996, Electronic Boutique (UK)

I enquired from the the Jaguar product manager (by phone) if Electronic Boutique would be supplying the Atari Jaguar Pro-Controller as it had been available in the United States for some time. She replied that it was not available yet, but when I insisted it was, she checked with Atari and phoned me back to say that although it was indeed available, they would not be stocking it, due to "the success of the Jaguar". They will, however, stock new games and Atari UK expect them to be the no. #1 UK supplier. [Phone them, ask for the Pro-Controller!]

2/1/96, Dixons/Currys (UK)

I emailed Dixons/Currys on Compuserve, but have had no reply. Dixons stores were saying before Christmas that they expected deliveries of the Atari Jaguar, but they never arrived and now stores know nothing of it. The local store told me today "the Jaguar is dead". As you might expect I put the store assistant right on that statement! [Ask your local Dixons to enquire about Jaguar- apparently a decision is under review due to Xmas demand!]