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Get Interactive- Get an Aura Interactor!

What is an Aura Interactor?

The Aura Interactor is a piece of VR games-ware. It is a small backback which you strap onto your body when you play games, and the unit turns impact sounds into physical jolts to make the game more interactive. (The unit would have been ideal combined with the Atari VR helmet had that appeared.) The kit comprises a power amplifier which you connect to your video game or TV headphone socket, and the Interactor itself, plus of course a power supply for the amplifier. The unit is NOT Jaguar specific, it comes with adaptors for many machines. YOU MAY NEED TO PURCHASE A JAGUAR AUDIO CABLE TO USE IT, or otherwise you need a headphone socket on your television or monitor.

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What is this page for?

This page will list optimal settings for the GAME/MUSIC and MODE switches, plus optimal settings for the POWER and FILTER controls on the Aura Interactor "power amplifier", for EVERY Jaguar 64 game. Your Jaguar games will come alive with these settings, you'll feel the power of Tempest 2000, the hits from Ultra Vortek, the shells hitting in Hoverstrike, and the awesome impact sound of Aircars, and many many more.

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Where to get an Interactor!

Please note- Just Claws has NOTHING to do with "Aura", or "Computers & More". We simply love our Aura Interactor and recommend the unit to Jaguar gamers from personal experience. Aura trademark is respected, and used here in a favourable manner.