Jaguar 64 FAQ Collection

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Highlander I FAQ

This is only the first version of my FAQ- it will be improved! Of course I'd love to add some information on Highlander 2 and Highlander 3 projects which were abandoned if anybody knows anything or has the URL or eMail of the authors.

Jaguar Primal Rage FAQ

Andrew Genduso has done a good job documenting the special features associated with the Jaguar version of Primal Rage 2.3. This was never quite finished, but is good.

Ultra Vortek Official FAQ

Kasumi Ninja FAQ

Kasumi Ninja was Atari's flagship beat'em up, intended to be a Mortal Kombat equivalent for the Jaguar. Most people seem to think that it's not a good game due to a low frame-rate, but I actually rather enjoy it. There are lots of hard to pull-off special moves, this FAQ says how.


NBA Jam is an excellent arcade conversion (incredibly close to the real thing) and is superb fun, especially with a 4-player Team-Tap. It is also crammed full of secret codes and power-ups- you can turn the juice up to 4 for really fast action. (I like it!)