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Rayman Hints and Tips

For those Jaguar (and Sadturn and Paystation and PC) owners who are struggling with Rayman at present, you may be interested to know that UBI-Soft have posted a "hints and tips" document to their web page. We've tried some of them, and they've been very useful. Some of them seem to be wrong though, and we don't know if that is because the Jaguar version differs from the description given, or if the tip is just wrong. Go and have a look for yourself, I say!

Dino Dudes Secret

Schinto has discovered what the secret words which the Witch Doctors in Dino Dudes say, actually mean by recording them and reversing them. You just won't believe what they actually mean!! :-)

Tempest 2000 Secret Sheep

A little known and entirely useless (but amusing) feature hidden in Jaguar Tempest 2000 which Jeff Minter described in his last posting on his WWW pages is described here. Apparently, as a reminder to Jeff of Flossie and the other sheep which he'd had to leave behind in Wales when he moved to LA, the musicians added a little bit of the sound of distant sheep in the music for the first "Jupiter" warp level of Tempest 2000. Hearing it, however, is not so easy because the warp level music wraps before the sound is heard. What you need to do is press "pause" during the first warp level, choose music volume select, and wait. Late in the track, you'll hear the sheep engaging in conversation. (Listen very carefully!)


I've recently aquired an Atari JAG-LINK cable through Electronic Boutique (£24.95) and it's not a bad kit, it certainly saves a lot of soldering for a cable, and you feel reassured that you're not going to inadvertently blow up your Jaguar(s). It consists of 2 little boxes which plug into the DSP port on the back of the Jaguar, and a longish black US phone cable to link them. I've tried it with DOOM and it works Ok. The only real problem is an annoyingly frequent "Network Error" message which you get and which resets your level to the start during both Co-Op or Head-to-head modes. (The JAG-LINK manual says this may happen mostly during the Head-to-head, but I've been afflicted by it mainly during the Co-Op mode. According to Atari this is a programming problem with DOOM, and according to ID it is a hardware problem. Atari claim it will not occur with any future network games unless stated!)
Get yourself 2 Jaguars with serial numbers starting with M, those machines have an different (later) Jaguar chipset which helps to eliminate MOST Jaguar network errors on DOOM. The network problems do not occur with Aircars or Battlesphere.