Wolfenstein 3D

The classic 3D adventure with started the genre!
Rating: (3/5)

Developer: ID Software

Publisher: Atari

Bring Down The Third Reich!

As the legendary William "B.J." Blazkowicz, you've been commissioned to rewrite
history in a bloody 64-bit war zone filled with enough Nazi scum to keep you
trigger-happy for weeks. Annihilate Der Fuerher's elite commando team, assasinate
the diabolical Dr. Shabbs, capture the secret war plans, infiltrate Der Fuerher's
bunker... and waste anyone and anything that gets in your way!
- Graphic 64 bit carnage - Jaguar style!
- Realistic bullets, realistic blood, real 3-D action.
- Six missions with 30 levels of bullet-riddled mayhem.
- Unlimited character movement in a virtual war zone.
- Load up on ammopacks, keys, booty and a truly incredible arsenal.
- Find and use flamethrowers, chain guns and rocket launchers.
- Waste SS Guards, mad scientists, German shepherds and mutant experiments.
- "Save" feature lets you save your progress after each level.


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