Rating: (3/5)

Developer: Bullfrog !UKF!

Publisher: Ocean

Out Here, It's You Or Them.

A rival Syndicate has gained full control of the population via a mind-altering
techno-drug known as the CHIP. You are an ambitious executive in the Syndicate,
hand picked to lead a team of CHIP-induced Cyborg mercenaries on a quest to
infiltrate and seize opposing Syndicate territories. You mission: Assasinate,
pillage, destroy, do whatever it takes to bring down competing Agents... before
they unleash their bloody assault on you!
- The original, award-winning PC smash brought to life with 64-bit power!
- Point-and-click interface puts you in the hunt immediately.
- More then 50 completely new missions.
- You've got a complete arsenal - including the infamous Persuadatron.
- Battle for supremacy in 50 different Syndicate territories, from Mongolia
to California.


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