Primal Rage (CD)

The smash-hit arcade game.
Rating: (4/5)

Developer: Probe Software

Publisher: Time-Warner Interactive

Urthshaking Carnage.

Select one of seven ferocious dinosaurs, then pound your opponents into
submission as you battle for Urth Domination. Blizzard's Freeze-Breath and
Ice Geyser fighting moves stop you cold just before his Mega Punch hammers
you senseless. Diablo's Inferno Flash cooks up a fire-storm in one Dino-
Barbecuing breath, and the foul, disgusting Chaos dazes you with an abundant
supply of Power Puke, Farts of Fury, and Flying Butt Slams. Armaddon's Gut
Gouger and Gut Fling, Sauron's Cranium Crusher, Talon's Face Ripper and
Shredding and Vertigo's Scorpion Sting - every original arcade fighting
and fatality move is at your finger tips! Get Ready to Rage!
- Plays just like the arcade game.
- Produced using stop-frame animation for life-like movement in fighting.
- Spontaneous punch combos: for heavy damage and quick kills!
- Gruelling long-lasting endurance and Tug-of-War matches.

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