Evolution Dino Dudes

Help your Humans to Develop!
Rating: (3/5)

Developer: Atari

Publisher: Atari

Welcome to Pre-History!

As the proud leader of the Dino Dudes, it's up to you to lead your hairy band
of Cro-Magnons to the top of the food chain. Discover fire, weapons, The Wheel...
battle dinosaurs and rival tribesmen... and do everything you can to survive -
so your kids and someday invent cool stuff like malls, video games and of course,
the bacon double-cheeseburger:
- An evolutionary 64-bit experience like no other.
- Become the dominant species using your wits and your Dudes.
- 80 levels and Neanderthal puzzle-adventure.
- A cave-load of pre-historic enemies to battle, including dinosaurs
and rival tribesmen.
- Tons of obstacles to overcome, including cliffs, boulders and famished carnivores.
- Discover and master the use of fire, spears, ropes, even powerful witchdoctors.


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