Feedback We've Had (UK)

I've contacted various UK suppliers...

6/3/1996, Electronics Boutique (UK)

"Thank you for your letter dated 23rd January and your fax dated 5th February 1996, we value all our customer comments. Our current position is still under review. Although we have recalled all the products from our stores, they are being stored in our warehouse whilst we await a discussion with Atari. However, aside from our discussion with Atari, you have my assurances that we will continue to sell Preowned Jaguar products in a limited selection of our stores. Among these stores will be the Metro Centre. Thank you once again for bringing this matter to my attention. Your sincerely, John Steinbrecher, Group Chief Executive."

4/1/1996, Game (UK)

"Many thanks for your informative letter regarding the Atari Jaguar. The situation is currently under review at management level and a decision should be taken shortly on stocking this platform. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your interest in Game as we rely heavily on customer feedback to ensure that Game continues to offer the public the right mix of product." (Trevor Edley) [Write to them, tell them to stock the Jaguar!]

3/1/1995 Virgin Megastores (UK)

I contacted Virgin Megastores via Compuserve, and they tell me that they currently supply the Jaguar 64 but due to the success of the newer consoles will be winding this down in the future. They claim to have the Jaguar on offer at £79.95, and if new titles are requested will investigate availability. [Get your friend to buy a cheap Jaguar, and ask Virgin for new titles!] (Update...) I wrote back to confirm that this was the case at stores as well as mail-order, and sadly was informed that this decision had been made, and that the Jaguar would be wound down both by mail-order, and at all stores.

2/1/1996, HMV Music Stores (UK)

I have written to HMV asking why the big new MetroCentre store does not stock the Jaguar and why the Jaguar is still £229.95 in some stores! I've now had a reply apologizing for the delay, dated 11/1/96! They say "Thank you for your comments with regards to the Atari Jaguar software. HMV's commitment is always to its customer and we try to have the widest range of products available in all our stores so that the customer has the best possible choice. HMV tried to ensure that each store holds as many titles as possible for each system, however, due to invidual size and squire footage of each particular store, HMV are limited to some extend in the range and quantity stocked. You may be interested to know that HMV offer a mail-order facility at our Oxford Circus store, where items not available at a particular store may be purchased. [Leaflet was enclosed.] Furthermore, I have passed your letter to HMV's Games Department, who will be taking our comments on board. I hopes this is satisfactory. HMV looks forward to your continued custom."