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Welcome to the NEW Jag-Site. Jacob Ervin asked me if I could provide a good home for his excellently presented "Jag-Site", and I was more than delighted to offer to host his site, and to develop it in the same spirit. Naturally it does not look quite like Jacob's Jag-Site, but the features Jag-Site offered WILL be integrated into the "Just-Claws X" domain, and developed, just keep checking back for developments.

The area of Jag-Site I have decided to develop as part of Just Claws is the reviews index. Just Claws has always been primarily an information resource for Atari owners, but the area of a review archive was the one which I most wished to add, and the timing of Jacob's interest in a new home for his site was ideal in providing scope for the new reviews area.

Remember, from now on, visit Just Claws Jag-Site for reviews, and hints and tips.

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