Jaguar 64 Accessories

Jaguar 64 Accessories

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The hardware and accessories.

Official Atari Accessories

Jaguar Team-Tap (4 controller adapter- use up to 2 taps)
Jaguar Jag-Link (2 Jag-Jag link boxes plus a long cable)
Jaguar Controller (3 thumb buttons, plus the numeric pad)
Jaguar Pro-Controller (6 thumb buttons, 2 trigger buttons)
Jaguar Memory-Track (128k flash-RAM to back-up CD games)
Atari SCART lead (link Jaguar to SCART or Peritel TV's)
Atari composite lead (link Jaguar to videos/monitors etc.
    This is also the lead you need to connect up a hi-fi...)

Atari Jaguar Pro-Controller

The Jaguar Pro-Controller is compatible with all Jaguar titles, but it offers an improved ergonomic design and an extra 5 buttons, giving 23 total. The extra keys are a X,Y and Z keys, along with L and R "shoulder pads". The enhanced design of the AB and C keys is such that the controller supports "chording", pressing multiple keys at once. Many existing games support the Pro-Controller even though they do not mention it because the new keys map onto the numeric keypad keys. The Jaguar Pro-Controller is almost essential for some more complicated Jaguar games, most notably the Jaguar-CD game "Primal Rage".

Jaguar 4-Player Team-Tap

The Jaguar Team-Tap is a 4-Player joypad expansion controller for the Atari Jaguar. Up to 2 Team-Taps can be plugged into any Jaguar, offering the potential for 8-player action, although to date only 4-player games, using 1 team-tap, have been made available. Titles include "White Men Can't Jump", (with which Team-Tap was initially bundled), and NBA Jam TE.

(Atari Jaguar Team Tap)

Jag-Link 2-Player Network Kit

The Jaguar has both high-speed synchronous and high-speed asynchronous serial ports as standard. Each Jag-Link kit includes TWO Jag-Link modules and an approximately 5 metre long phone-style cable to connect the two units. The units do not add functionality to the Jaguar, they protect the Jaguar ports from potential voltage damage, and add a convenient connection point for the cable. Jag-Link ONLY supports Jaguar-to-Jaguar communications, no more than two Jaguars can be networked. To network more than 2 Jaguars, use the Cat-Box from ICD, which supports the Cat-Net protocol.

Jag-CD Memory Track

The Jag-CD Memory Track is a cartridge add-on for the Jag-CD unit. Fitting in the Jag-CD or Jaguar Combo cartridge slot it offers the Jaguar owner 128K of Flash-ROM backup for Jaguar CD games. The unit also includes a "File Manager" utility to manipulate back-up files. Absolutely essential as an add-on for the Jag-CD, many Jaguar games otherwise unbeatable.

3rd-Party Accessories

Cat-Box Connection Box

(Cat Box Photo)

     Cat-Box Expansion Box - $69.95 (by Black Cat Designs)
Connectors include : amplified audio (line output, headphones),
  RGB, Composite video, S-Video, RS-232, Cat-Net and Jag-Net.
                 eMail: Address to be advised.

Lap-Cat Arcade Joystick

(Lap Cat Pro Picture)

   Lap-Cat Arcade-style Joystick $75+$15 shipping
Ben Aein, 613 Northcliffe Drive, Rockville, MD 20850.

(eMail!) eMail Ben for Information- say Richard sent you!

(Dark Knight Games
Dark Knight Games "Black Hawk" Joystick

Jaguar 64 Projects

Information on self-build projects and cable wiring to follow.