European Jaguar 64 Support Campaign

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JTS/Atari is no longer actively supporting the Jaguar 64- but we are!!

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The campaign is intended to bring to the attention of publishers such as Telegames and ICD the continuing support for the Jaguar 64 in Europe. Although an existing on-line campaign exists, no such support has been available to the majority of Jaguar users who do not have internet use, particularly in the UK and the rest of Europe.
There are many Jaguar 64 games near completion when JTS/Atari decided that they would not continue to support Jaguar developers, and so many of these excellent projects are suspended awaiting publishers. These include the amazing "Iron Soldier 2" and "F1 World Tour Racing" and finally "SkyHammer". Other titles known to be completed or nearly completed include "Brett Hull Hockey" (as on the Nintendo 64). Arena Football, Soul Star 3D, and Dragon's Lair II CD. Completed by unpublished titles include "Demolition Man" and "Creature Shock" by Virgin. Good titles which have been suspended include "Slam Racer", previously expected from Telegames.
Some success has already been achieved with Telegames releasing Towers II (available now) and Breakout 2000 (available now). These are to be followed in early 1997 by WORMS and ZERO 5, both on 2Mb cartridges. Iron Soldier II and F1 World Tour Racing may be released depending on support given to Towers II and Breakout 2000.

European Jaguar 64 Support Campaign
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