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I eMailed David Hancock at "The Mirror", one of the biggest, and best, tabloid newspapers in the UK, and asked him to mention the "Jaguar 64 Support Campaign". To my surprise, he answered positively, and said he'd be very pleased to do so as soon as possible. This is the result- an article which appeared as the LEAD STORY in the POWER-UP section of "The Mirror" on Saturday, August 10, 1996.
Get YOUR local/national newspaper to DO THE SAME!!!


(Jaguar Picture as used by The Mirror)


A WORLDWIDE campaign is under way to get new games released for the ailing Atari Jaguar, and it needs the support of Power Up readers.
The Jag was the first of the new generation of super-fast games consoles, but it hit hard time and has been overtaken by the Playstation and Saturn.
Now 300,000 Jag users worldwide are banding together to try to get games that are in the pipeline finally released.
These include:-

A new RPG called Towers II;

Skyhammer by the people who wrote Alien vs. Predator;

Iron Soldier II;

World Tour Racing;

Zero Five;

...and many more.

But they will only be published if enough Jaguar fans make their voices heard.
The campaign is being co-ordinated through the Internet, but you don't need to be a Net head to help out. Simply write to: Jaguar 64 Support Campaign, c/o CHIPS, 151-153 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS1 4AG in support.
The more people who write, the more games publishers will have to take notice. To get in touch with the campaign through the internet, send e-mail to Steve Scavone (
"By David Hancock, "Mega Mirror POWER-UP", Saturday August 10, 1996.
Thank David Hancock, tell him you support Jaguar 64!