Jaguar "Waiting" Titles

(Atari Jaguar Action Group)
These titles COULD still be published!

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This title might be published if earlier Telegames titles sell.The problem with publishing it is that it needs a 4Mb cartridge.
(SkyHammer Screen-Shot)
(SkyHammer Screen-Shot)

Rebellion Software (UK)

Brett Hull Hockey (Cart. and/or CD)

This superb Nintendo 64 style title was still listed for release right up to Atari giving up development, even after Atari merged with JTS. It looks superb, and might give the Nintendo 64 a surprise! The problem is licensing of player names- it's expired.
(Brett Hull Hockey Screen-shot)
(Brett Hull Hockey Screen-Shot)

I'm confused- but I think this was by TWI.

Arena (American) Football

This titles was sent out for review by Atari, and expected.Unfortunately since that time it seems to have become lost.
(Arena Football Screenshot)

Who was writing this title please?

Phaze Zero (was Hover Hunter)

This title was near to completion, with just missions to add, but the company has abandoned it at Atari's request last year! One report says although everything was finished apart from the mission list, the programmer was so disgusted at Atari he destroyed the source.
(Phaze Zero Screenshot)

Robinson's Requiem

(Robinson's Requiem Screenshot)
These shots are direct from Readysoft!