Atari Jaguar Development Resources

Information on Jaguar Development Kits

Development Resources

Jaguar Developer How To's Guide

Guide to Atari Jaguar Development Hardware

(DE) Rouven Gehm's Jaguar Hacking Page

(US) Nat's Underground Documentation

Free Programmer's Tools

DOS Tools for Jaguar Developers

OS/2 Tools for Jaguar Developers

Source-Code for Jaguar Developers.

Active Jaguar Publishers

SongBird Productions (Too many to list!)

(US) Telegames (Too many to list!)

(US) ICD (Aircars, and Battleshere so far.)

Active Jaguar Developers

Active Underground Developers

Other Unofficial Developers

Available Jaguar Playtesters

BJL and Alpine Play-Testers

Other Jaguar Developers Speak!

Early Jaguar Developer Feedback

Recent Jaguar Developer Feedback

Some Early Prototype Screenshots

Jaguar Support Organisations- Publicity!

(US) Atari Preservation Society

Jaguar Action Group (J.A.G.)

Other Atari Jaguar Support Resources

Just Claws LYNX Developers Page

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