Early Developer Feedback

Early Developer Feedback

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It's amazing to hear what developers once said!

June 1994


(Gunship 2000)

"Atari have developed a technically brilliant piece of hardware and after a very thorough examination of the machine, we are convinced we can produce the type of high quality software which has become synonymous with the Microprose name. We are seen as pioneers of all new technology and it is certainly not our policy to sit on the sidelines and wait to see how the market develops. With this in mind, we have already started development on one of our leading titles [Gunship 2000] and are positive it will become one of the market-leading products that sets the benchmark in quality and playability."

Jason Dutton (Public Relations)

Virgin Interactive

(Dragon, Cannon Fodder, Demolition Man CD)

"Virgin recognises that the Jaguar is a great machine and that developers can do a lot with it, as it is flexible and easy to use. Virgin are one of the biggest software companies in the world and we're pretty forward-thinking and adventurous when it comes to supporting new hardware. At the moment a large percentage of our resources are being committed to Jaguar development. Technically the Jaguar is outstanding . It decimates the current opposition and I personally think it's the first machine that can be considered part of the next generation of consoles. We've had our development machines for quite a while now, the next step for us is to get hold of the CD add-on which by all accounts will be mind-blowing- CDs will open up a whole new area for a console with this much power. Our support doesn't end there. But obviously I have to keep some things under wraps... for now!"

Peter Hickman (Producer)

US Gold

(Flashback, Fever Pitch)

"The Jaguar is a very powerful machine which, as Atari seem to have perfected it, is perhaps ahead of its time. The machine looks good, has an interesting controller- not liked by all, but I find it OK- and once the CD add-on becomes available- if the price is right- it will be up there along with the new Sega machines, the Sony machine and other expected newcomers. A really good, clever, marketing campaign is needed, accompanied by some high quality, key titles to launch this machine big time. US Gold thinks that success will be governed by sufficient support from the software community, product support on a technical basis, realistic ROM pricing and getting the CD upgrade out quickly and at the right price. US Gold are substantially advanced in developing Jaguar titles, their first being at the beta-test stage. Obviously a company the size of US Gold cannot jump onto every bandwagon that rolls through town. However, we have carefully considered the Jaguar and will be supporting it in the future, though to what extent I am unwilling to comment on at the moment."

Tony Porter (Development Manager)

Krisalis Software

(Soccer Kid, Battle Chess)

"Generally, Krisalis are feeling very positive towards the Jaguar and think that if Atari can get enough machines into the market place, backed up with sufficient marketing, then it could be a great success. However, if they delay much longer then Sony may well steal this success away from them. Timing and marketing will prove to be crucial factors. Krisalis do see themselves as pioneers, and are already planning to release three Jaguar titles. Those currently in development include the highly-acclaimed platformer Soccer Kid and Battle Chess for other publishers. Work is also about to commence on a new football game. Krisalis believe that if developers don't commit to the Jaguar at this early stage it could well damage the console's changes. It's a good product. It's got good press. It has been very well received. They should go for it."

Tony Kavanagh (Managing Director)


(Theme-Park, Syndicate)

"Ocean sees the Jaguar as part of the next generation of consoles which consumers are looking for. They think that if Atari can get the machine over here soon then they can capitalise on the fact that they have the market to themselves. Ocean currently have several titles in development. These include Apeshit, Theme-Park (commissioned from Bullfrog) and a revamped Soccer Kid. Hardware depends on software sales. It's a symbiotic relationship. Ocean are developing for the Jaguar with more of a long-term perspective in that it affords a learning opportunity to develop for the next generation console. Ocean believe it to be an investment for the future and the Jaguar will hopefully be part of that."

Gary Bracey (Software Director)

Team 17


Impressed by the power and ability of this 64-bit machine, Team 17 see the console as being able to produce some excellent, state-of-the-art games, and, being cartridge-based, it eradicates the problem of piracy which has hounded the industry for a long time. For the software publisher it does mean that the production of cartridges drastically increases their costs and adds many financial complications to the typical software publishing equation. The future of the Jaguar will depend to a large extent on the competition. Team 17 see the 3DO as an up-and-coming machine, having already been in the spotlight for quite some time with regular press coverage. The forthcoming line-up includes the Saturn, Project Reality and PS-X which will no doubt have the backing of big promotional campaigns. As for Team 17's own commitment, they are developing for the next generation of consoles with plans for such games already in the pipeline. They will adapt to the market as they see necessary because the industry doesn't seem to be able to decide which direction to head in because of the number of machines being announced and developed. We will remain open-minded and always flexible."

Alan Bunker (Media Manager)


(Zool 2)

Gremlin are very positive towards the Jaguar and say that, like all the new consoles, it's technically very impressive but has initially suffered from a lack of decent software. However, Gremlin now sees some really impressive stuff becoming available, point to Alien vs. Predator, as an illustration. "No one is going to buy any console, no matter how impressive, without the software to support it." Gremlin are producing a game for release at the end of the year and pride themselves on being one of the leading UK software developers, currently working on all new platforms. Companies cannot go on developing for the 16-bit machines forever and will be forced to upgrade to more powerful machines. "If they don't support the new machines early on, it's their own long-term future that they'll be affecting."

Steve McKevitt (PR Manager)


(No Titles Planned)

"For Atari to penetrate the cartridge market that is so dominated by Sega and Nintendo is a huge task, simply having the best hardware is not enough. Success or failure will depend on the software base and Domark believe that if software is available in quantity and quality then people will have a reason to buy the product. No matter how powerful the hardware, if the software doesn't exist neither will its market share. Retailers also have to be convinced that dedicating shelf space to Jaguar product will reap financial rewards. Atari cannot be solely responsible for providing a deep variant catalogue of product. It is vital to Jaguar's success that third parties are involved from day one. Domark are currently evaluating the Jaguar as a development platform but at this stage think it would be difficult to commit to developing Jaguar-only product. They are, however, still looking to convert suitable products in the future."

Richard Browne (Development Manager)