DOS Developer Tools

DOS Developer Tools (UK)

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A few FREE PC tools to help developers!

Free Programmer's Tools

This tool strips off a Jaguar Server header, leaving just a binary.

This tool simply adds a suitable Jaguar Server header to a .BIN file.

This tool simply displays the various Jaguar Server header details.

This tool adds a Jaguar Server compatible header to a .BIN file.

This tool phrase pads your raw images for the Object Processor.


This full-screen tool allows you to build static object lists!

This tool converts CRY images into 16-bit RGB files.

This tool converts 16-bit RGB images into CRY files.

Free Graphic Support Files

Load the default Jaguar colour palette into Paint-Shop Pro!

You may want this "Licensed to Atari" image which I found.

Convert Paint-Shop Pro palette files to Jaguar format!

And finally test your palette files with this image!

General PC Utilities

Useful utilitiy for displaying/examining binary files.

Standard DOS version of a UNIX essential tool.