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Atari Jaguar Underground Hackers' Mailing List

This is the new mailing list started for free discussions and the information exchange about _programming_ the Atari Jaguar. The intended audience for this list is people who really do some work/hacks on the Jaguar and are interested in communication about it. (No hack too small!) This list will probably be mostly comprised of - but not restricted to - people using Roine Stenberg's "Jaguar Server", and the BJL kit. There are certainly some people on the list with Atari Alpine boards too. Troublemakers can be kicked off the list.
To subscribe, send a message to:-
with the message:-
     subscribe ugd-jag
Send an application message to:-
Please give a little bit of your background in this "application" message. You will not be approved for inclusion on this list until your application is received and processed.