Atari Space War 2000 Prototype

Finally distributed as a standard cartridge by B&C Computervisions.

(Space War 2000 as shipped by B&C)

The Title Screen

The Place-Holder Credits Screen

The Automatic Attract Mode

The Main Menu

The Weapon Shop is Incomplete

The Droid Options

The Arena Options

The Game Options

The Game Begins

The default internal view of your ship.

Asteroids spin and explode when destroyed.

The view from the right-hand cockpit window, see the asteroid field?

The view out of the left-hand cockpit window.

The view behind you, watch out for that enemy ship!

The External view, full movement with camera following behind.

Groups of enemies attack, all beautifully texture mapped, and with lens-flare and battle damage.

An ememy explodes, polygons shattering into pieces.

The Pause works, but volume adjustments and 1+3 etc. do not.

2-Player modes offer all the selectable views, just like 1-player mode.

When defeat comes, your view fades away pixel by pixel, to black.

The real (not random) navigable asteroid field which killed me yet again.

One of Atari's top play-testers with his working 3rd eye, awaits your failure.

The "Enter your name" feature of the high-score table does not work, unless your name is "Z".

The high-score table uses minter-style psychedelic backgrounds as well.

It's a really great game even if you have BattleSphere!!!

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