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Notes on Interactive Demo 1.0

I've been slaving away at code for almost a month now, putting in more than 15 hours a day, and I'm completely burned out. But the fruits of my work can be enjoyed by all, or more specifically the people who have BJL Jags, or "official" dev kits. Just the fact that you can download it and take a look at it yourself is good enough satisfaction. There are going to be those who say that it just doesn't look good enough, and that's okay. I just lack an artist to really do everything justice, but rest assured that problem will be solved in the near future. As I'm going to stop at nothing to get a good artist.

Demo 1.0 is a pretty decent work of art. Cool in some places and drab in others. Just like a demo is supposed to be. I wish I had more room and time to do more, but I've got the next year to iron out more details with the script, the plot, play mechanics, etc. The character stat adjusting section will be just as you see it in the actual game. The other conversation sections will change, but the basic structure will stay intact. There are no "in game" graphics I must admit, mainly because I couldn't decide on a good screen resolution. Just more things I'll have solved sometime in the next couple of weeks. Demo 1.5 which should be available around the end of March will add more to this. As I still have about 400k to play with, I've been thinking of "tweaking" some things and I'll have the complete conversation system up and running. As with the last demo, this file is an .ABS file not a .COF and it should be loaded into starting address $4000.

If you're really feeling weird, run the intro to a song by Soundgarden entitled, "Overfloater", off of their "Down On the Upside" album, you'll notice that it works quite well. It's grungy, and dark enough to work with the theme I'm going after in the game. Arthur's working on something interesting, and I wish I could have included the theme for Mike. It's pretty awesome. I'm going to try to get a section of it posted this week.

The technical details are a bit more complicated. The code for the demo is really refined in some places and rather drab in others, which is just fine for a demo (as I've mentioned earlier). I actually used the GPU and blitter for all memory intensive activities. So display lists are changed with the GPU, windows are cleared with the blitter, and the GPU personally dumps all text on the screen. I was rather proud of that myself. The resolution actually changes quite often. I went from a 320x240 screen to a 720x240 to a 480x240 and finally to a 320x240. I think I really like the idea of changing resolutions "on the fly". I had a lot of problems with timing, as most of the demo uses "parallel" processing. Most times, the 68000 was lagging behind so things wouldn't end up where they were supposed to be on the screen because the GPU would have already performed the action before the 68000 had even set the data in the proper memory location. It took me a while to solve the problem, especially with no real help to get it done. This was the main reason why I delayed this demo until now. Didn't want to release a completely sloppy job. Though, a semi-sloppy job I consider acceptable.

There are many who don't have a BJL or Stubbed Jag, and so I've posted some screenshots of the demo and Arthur is going to "score" a Quicktime movie of the demo. So hopefully in the next week we'll have lots of materials for you to view. I'm kind of interested in how Arthur is going to score the Quicktime movie.

One last thing, this demo is not for kids. It's not totally bad, and I'd say that 97% of it is okay for everyone, but the extra 3% may be a bit offensive to some people. I don't want ANYONE to be shocked when you reach this scene. I warned everyone beforehand. And those who've already experienced it, will say it's rather tame, which I agree with, but you never really know about people.

I think that's about it. Once again, I thank all of those who helped me out over the past few weeks. And I hope you guys are getting as excited as I am.

James Garvin
OMC Games

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