Jaguar Developer Feedback

Jaguar Developer Feedback

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Reports below are only from those who responded. (A-Z)
Most recent updates to:- 4-Play (BattleSphere)

"We are continuing to develop games for the Jaguar, but it is our policy not to disclose our long range development plans." (Bob McPherson, Customer Support, Activision, 18/1/96)
I suggested it was about time to release the remaining Ultra Vortek Codes. "I'm starting to feel the same way. In the next two weeks, we'll release some new codes on our web pages (which have moved to" (Clark Stacey, 20/2/96)
I asked about BattleWheels for the Jaguar. "The BattleWheels PC code will be very portable, but I think it unlikely that what remains of Atari will be willing to fund a port. It is uncertain what, if anything, the new Atari merger will be doing with the Jag; and I'm afraid we are no better at predicting their moves than anyone else." (Clark Stacey, 20/2/96)

(UK) Creative Edge

Re: Baldies - "Done and out I believe." Re: Baldies Jag networking - "Sadly Not, Atari never go the networking code to us in time. The point is that we all play it in the office until the small hours and if you play your won game it should be good! or so the saying goes." Re: Baldies PC - "We had already produced the PC version which we licensed to Atari Interactive." Re: other projects - "MMMmmmm I'd love to say more but those NDA agreements are pretty tight! I can say we have licensed some more titles to Atari Interactive, what they are I can't say." (David Wightman, Director, Creative Edge Software, 14/1/96)
This isn't from my enquiry, but from their web page. "As many of you may know, Atari Corporation has recently undergone some major changes. Like everyone else, we at Hyperimage have been trying to figure out what this means for the Jaguar, and titles that are currently in development. We are no longer actively developing Phase Zero for the Atari Jaguar system. Our attempts to determine the status of project have been unsuccessful, so for now we must move on. As soon as we have more information from Atari on the status of Phaze Zero and the Jaguar, we will post an update on this web page. Thank you for your support through the development of this project." (Jeremy Gordon, President&CEO, 1/3/96)
Re: Quake - "At this time we don't know if Quake will be released for the Jag." Re: Heretic/Hexen - "That's up to Raven, they created Heretic/Hexen. As far as I know, it's not in their plans." Re: DOOM networking- "Talk to Atari. It's their hardware problem." [It's not.] (Shawn Green, ID Software, 3/01/96)
Raven Software have never bothered to reply to my subsequent enquiry, to date.
Our Jaguar 64 projects are still underway, but don't expect anything quickly, we need to make sure that whatever we release get noticed for all the right reasons, and not because the code is buggy, amateurish, or easily disassembled and stolen. We want to achieve a limited commercial release with our software. Even though the Jaguar market is commercially dead by conventional standards, as part-time developers, we can make viable releases! We also have another company who would be willing to publish for us, which makes all the difference. What we don't want to do is shout about our work... our code can do that for itself at the time of release.
The Jaguar 64 is an incredibly complex (and fairly buggy) console and our worst estimates of the amount of time taken to achieve some parts of the gaming API we've been working on have been far surpassed by the actual time taken. However, other parts of the project have been completed far more quickly due to the capabilities of the Jaguar chipset. We'd certainly not recommend anyone else to invest in Jaguar hardware for game development, but then again with a clear field for commercial releases we would say that wouldn't we?
Jag Jaeger has been in touch to say that JV have completed Towers II and that it has gone to Atari US for final testing and encoding prior to publication by Telegames. JV will be making every effort they can in order to get early publication and distribution, on 2Mb cartridge. (Jag Jaeger, late June '96.)
Jeff Minter has posted updates to USENET regarding Defender 2000. It makes interesting reading because he addresses the criticism leveled against Defender 2000 by magazines.
The project was started on April 4, 1995 and finished (accepted) on April 8, 1996. That works out pretty close to a year. Of course what we started out to do doesn't much resemble what we ended up with. Most of the best features of the game were added while it was being developed. That's why we missed the original delivery date. It turned out much better though.
Thanks RJ for contacting Ocean. We do have a number of games that are in development, but as of yet, I can't comment on them. I am sorry to be so vague, but hopefully very soon I will be able to be more specific regarding which particular releases will be available for the Jag. Thanks. (Ocean Rep, Ocean of America, 20/12/95)
Unfortunately Dragon's Lair II will not be comming <sic> out for the Jaguar system, as well as Robinson's Requiem. We no longer may <sic> games for that system. Sorry about that, if you have any other questions please contact me. Thanks. (Shawn Woytowitch, 13/2/97)

(UK) Rebellion Software

"I have been keeping my gob shut at the request of Atari, but I can now confirm that we have a title [almost] ready. The project is entitled "SkyHammer"TM and is an original flight sim/strategy game set in a futuristic "Blade Runner" style city. It is likely to be featured in a few of the magazines soon which should give you a chance to see what it's about." (Cheers, Paul Topping, Rebellion, 15/1/96)
When asked about Jaguar Worms. "Yes, a Jag WORMS is still on the cards. We should finish it by end March."(Martyn Brown, Development Director, Team 17 Software Ltd., 20/2/96)
At the moment we only have WORMS planned. Ocean distribute our console versions and what we develop on those machines is really down to what they ask for. Atari asked hard for Worms, and hey presto. (Spadge, Team 17, 4/1/96)
Thank you for your interest in Ubisoft. I am afraid that the Jaguar version of Rayman may well be the last game that we publish on this format. For all its strengths the Jaguar has not been able to establish enough of a user base to justify the costs of development.We are currently still developing for the Saturn and Platstation and we are stepping up our commitment to PC CD-Rom. (Daniel Hind, Ubisoft, 3/1/'96)
To follow...
I asked about networking on their forthcoming first release, "BattleSphere", and they were able to report that it would, by default, support Jag-Net networking as used by DOOM. BattleSphere will also use subtle colours for the different races which populate the Battlesphere world and will not be avoid the "clown" colours of some space battle games. Development is progressing well. (4-Play give frequent feedback to the Jaguar list.)
(Asked by someone WHEN BattleSpehere will be out because they may spend the money elsewhere, Scott replied....) Anyway, the time is coming... If you can't wait, then alas... we're going to release it no matter if we only make 250 copies of the thing... (Scott, 17/7/96)