J.U.G.S. Devkit

Jaguar Unmodified Game Server


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The JUGS "solution" turns out to be what was guessed by the Underground, with some differences in terms of how the PC is interfaced to the Jaguar.

It is a secret code built into Battlesphere which allows any other code to be uploaded to the Jaguar internal RAM, and run from there like with Bastian42's BJL, Swedish JagServer or French JagOS kit, but without any changes to the Jaguar hardware, just purchase of a Battlesphere cart..

The differences in hardware interfacing are that the JagServer used a special cartridge and Jaguar modification to connect to an Atari ST. The BJL kit connects to your PC, Atari or anything else with a client upload program (source published) via the second joypad port and your parallel port, as does the French kit. JUGS connects your Jaguar to your PC via an RS-232 port, which you might use for mouse or modem, which increases reliability but may reduce the transfer speed a lot.

The interface for JUGS between the PC and the Atari Jaguar Jag-Link cable (which you must already have, in addition to Battlesphere) is available only from BUYJUGS.COM at present, and costs about $30 now.

This solution requires no modification to your Atari Jaguar, but at the present time it is not available, and only Thunderbird of 4Play has used the prototype as he is a beta tester. He will not and cannot answer questions. You cannot obtain this item today, and you may never be able to do so. Chances are details will be published on the web late in 1999.

JUGS allows any programs intended for BJL or JagServer (except those communicating with the host computer) to be downloaded to the Jaguar and run via a menu. Only the internal 2MB RAM is available for both the program and the program work-space, just the same as the BJL or JagServer solutions.

JUGS apparently works by being encrypted like a normal ROM cartridge program and after startup enables loading new games, thus bypassing the Jaguar security validation algorithm, presumably it has a menu and load and debug options too.

JUGS is another clever English solution to a world problem. However, until details are published and a prototype can be demonstrated to the public it is vapourware.