JagServer Devkit

The Jaguar Server devkit will ONLY work with an Atari ST family machine at the time of writing, but Roine is working to make it compatible with IBM PC compatibles via the PC parallel port. A special cartridge plugs into the ST, and the other end of the ribbon cable connects to the Jaguar- which MUST be modified first by Roine, or by someone experienced with electronics. The Jaguar needs a new ROM fitting, and some soldering doing, not a job for the faint-hearted. You can send your machine off for upgrade, or buy one with JS fitted.

You can buy this kit and develop YOUR OWN SOFTWARE- but you're ON YOUR OWN in many ways. There are quite a few amateur developers, but Atari are unlikely to help you and no OFFICIAL documentation on the Jaguar is available unless you can convince Atari that your expertise and project justifies it. However, UNofficial documentation is under-way partly by trial and error, and so there is hope that in time this kit will become essential!

(Jaguar Server fitted to Atari ST)
Kit costs around £330, or £145 if you 
send your own Jaguar unit for upgrade!
(eMail!) eMail Roine Stenberg for details of the Jaguar server.