Cross Products Devkit

The Cross-Products Kit (3rd-Party) (UK)
This kit runs on a fast IBM PC compatible, (again a fast 486 or Pentium) and links to a special development Jaguar in much the same way as the official kit. Apparently this downloads code much more quickly for testing, but otherwise it is swings and roundabouts because the Jaguar RISC debugger on this kit is not as good as the official one. (It includes the usual SNASM2 assembler etc.) Cross Products are now owned by Sega and discontinued the kit.
(A close-up of an Alpine development kit!)
(A full Jaguar development kit, with Flash ROM!)
(A Full Alpine Development Kit with manual etc.)

Telephone Cross Products on:- 01132-429814. (Kit discontinued- DID cost £2750)

(eMail!) eMail April at Cross Products about it.