B.J.L. Devkit

Beyond Jaggy Lines

The Beyond Jaggy Lines devkit will ONLY work with the Atari ST family machine at the time of writing, but Bastian is working to make it compatible with IBM PC compatibles via the PC parallel port. It is MUCH simpler to get working at the Jaguar end than the Jaguar Server. You get a new ROM. You fit it to the Jaguar. (That's not necessarily so easy as your ROM may well be soldered into the Jag.) Cable wise, all you need is a special cable to connect from the parallel port of your Atari ST to the JOYSTICK port on your Jaguar- presumably controller port two. I intend to get hold of a BJL devkit ROM ASAP and try it out.

You can buy this kit and develop YOUR OWN SOFTWARE- but you're ON YOUR OWN in many ways. There are quite a few amateur developers, but Atari are unlikely to help you and no OFFICIAL documentation on the Jaguar is available unless you can convince Atari that your expertise and project justifies it. However, UNofficial documentation is under-way partly by trial and error, and so there is hope that in time this kit will become essential!

BGL has two parts:-

1) A new ROM for the Jaguar which installs some routines, 
    such as exception-handler, and communication routines.

2) The remote-debugger (Atari based, you need an ST.)
The two parts communicate via a small cable from joyport
(Jaguar) to Joyport (1040STE) or centronics (other Ataris).
The transfer speed ranges around 12 Kbytes/s, depending
on the speed of the Atari host.

The Atari remote-debugger provides many functions such as 
register-dumps of all CPU's, full access to all the Jaguar
memory, GPU tracing, GPU/DSP line-assembler.

It now loads JagServer (.JAG) files as well as programs with
normal TOS headers. (It does the relocation of the sections.)
It includes a 68000/GPU/DSP macro-assembler, a Font-Editor, 
and some good Jaguar demo source-code for an easy start.

Total cost of the BJL dev-kit is around ONLY $20, depending 
on the price of EPROM's at the time. (I'm going to order!!)
(eMail!) eMail Bastian Schick for more details of his BJL kit.

B.L.L. Devkit