Nat!'s zzZoft, squish, fatty and free!

Get some more or maybe less exciting free software for your favorite machinery. All the files are under coypright and can be downloaded and spread as long as nothing is charged for it. This is copyrighted Freeware. Sources may be maybe had on request.

Atari 8-Bit

Atari ST

Atari Falcon

Atari Jaguar

For your hacking pleasure, we (Klaus and Nat!) have developed so far the following goodies:

jagify.ttp a simple .ABS -> .JAG converter (just works)
riscy.ttp a nifty RISC assembler (beta) v1.5
nplink.ttp a Pure Object phrase-aligning linker (alpha). Produces better production code than PUREs own linker, but has no provision for PURE debug information.
jupload.ttp a .JAG file uploader
jaglib.lzh jagaux.lzh the source code for a C-library to program Jaguar applications. The state is (guess) about alpha quality. It's definetely better than nothing. You need my phrase-aligning linker for this.

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