Jaguar Underground Mailing List


This is a mailing list for free discussions and the information exchange about _programming_ the Atari Jaguar.

The intention of this mailing list is to have a forum for people, who hack the Jaguar (for fun, not necessarily for profit). This list will probably be mostly comprised of - but not restricted to - people using Roine Stenberg's "Jaguar Server".

The intended audience for the list is people who really do some work/hacks on the Jaguar and are interested in communication about it. (No hack too small!)

The mailing list is both unmoderated and closed at the same time, which means that you are free to post anything on the mailing list without approval by a moderator, but that access to the list is restricted. You need to be approved in order to get on the list. Troublemakers can be kicked off the list.


IMPORTANT: Before subscribing, make sure that your return path is correct! About 1/4 of all subscribtion attempts fail, because the return path is shitty! If you don't get a reply, your return path is broken. It does NOT mean, that your subscribtion has been silently ignored!

1. Send a mail to

with the word


in the Subject: line

2. Then send a mail, stating your interest in the list, to

Please give a little bit of your background in this second mailing so that approval will be quick and painless. You will not be approved to the list, before your statement is received.


Apart from the 'regular' Atari Jaguar developers, there is a small base of people writing software for the Jaguar.
There is the "Jaguar Server" by Roine Stenberg, which allows downloading programs from an Atari Computer to the Jaguar using a hardware modification. Development software is partly written, partly
on the way, partly waiting for you to be written.

For more information about the "Jaguar Server" please contact Roine Stenberg ( directly.
This mailing list is setup in coordination with Roine by the way, so you can consider it the "official Jaguar Server mailing list".