MC Tell Me About Secrets


Tell Me About Secrets

We believe that a winning combination in a game is to add the elements of competition, exploration and many secrets to a game with good graphics and excellent sound. Nothing, in our experience, leads to more interest in a game than the idea that not only can ANYONE PICK IT UP AND PLAY, but that for the DIE-HARD game player there are always more tricks, short-cuts and secrets to discover- and hidden games. Some of these are accessed by picking-up special objects and putting them into their appropriate "holders" to open a locked door. Themed games may remind you of "Warlords", "Frenzy", "Berzerk" and "Breakout", although they're not!!

Part of the intrigue of this game is that there are numerous hidden features including full hidden levels and power-ups. (Some of these are so-called Easter-Egg hidden power-ups.) For example, if EACH player shoots a chicken in the jungle scenario by mistake (perhaps) then all players instantly get transformed into giant chicken sprites, though thankfully still armed to the teeth and only for a little while. Revenge!

We will also include an LSD mode with plasma type effects. During this, the screen will cycle the palette bizarrely, the characters will leave a plasma trail, and the enemies... cool.

Often noticed the way your "most significant other" wants to watch TV just when you are about to make the real headway in a game. This game has a secret solution- press PAUSE, *. You'll get a TV testcard with a variety of excuses why the TV soaps etc. are unavailable. e.g. A TV transmitter fault. Press PAUSE, # and it will look as though the TV is faulty! (Naturally pressing a button harmlessly cancels the effect.)