Atari LYNX Hardware

Atari LYNX Hardware

The Best Hand-Held Console Available

LYNX Essentials

Atari LYNX 16-bit Hand-Held Console

The LYNX has two custom chips, MICKEY and SUZY. Mickey features a 65c02 @ 3.6Mhz, 4 channel sound, video DMA, timer, interrupt controller, UART for COMLYNX and 512 bytes of ROM for bootup. Suzy features a 16-bit CMOS graphics chip at 16 Mhz, 160x102 resolution, Blitter, GPU (for hardware line-drawing, sprite handling/sizing), and maths co-processor.Plug-in ROM cartridges (which are TINY) are usually 128k, 256k or even 512k but can be as large as 1Mb.

Both Atari LYNX' feature two fire buttons, two option buttons, a pause button, on and off buttons, a backlight button (ONLY on the LYNX II), and an eight directional joypad. There are also volume and brightness controls, a headphone socket (STEREO on the Lynx II) and a 9v power socket for a power adaptor or battery pack. There is also a COMLYNX socket for inter-LYNX communication and lots of multi-LYNX games exist.

(Image of Atari Lynx II)

The LYNX I (or classic) is technically inferior in several ways to the LYNX II, and you will normally find LYNX II for sale. The differences are to do with shape, physical size, and most importantly, battery life. Both units run the same software but you'll get more play out of your batteries on a LYNX II.

LYNX Accessories

Official Atari Accessories

Atari LYNX COM-LYNX link-up cable
Atari LYNX Soft Fabric Carrying Case
Atari LYNX 110/240 9v Power Adaptor
Atari LYNX Battery Pack (Takes 6 D-size)
Atari LYNX II Sun Screen

3rd-Party Accessories

NAKI LYNX II Rechargeable Battery Pack
NAKI LYNX 110/240 9v Power Adaptor
LYNX Kit Case

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