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Some Jaguar Games ONLY Available in Dimension X.

Jaguar 64 Top 10

The Jaguar family has a superb range of software available in Dimension X. The Jaguar/2 64 is backwards compatible with the Jaguar 64 (with or without Jag-CD), and Jaguar 64 Combo, but naturally the new range of Jaguar/2 64 software is not compatible with the older Jaguars.

Jaguar 64 Cartridges

 1. Battlesphere
 2. Phase Zero
 3. Phear (Tetris Ball)
 4. Space War 2000
 5. SkyHammer
 6. Brett Hull Hockey
 7. Zero Five
 8. Arena Football
 9. Slam Racer
10. Joust 2000

(Phear Screen-Shot)

A REAL Jaguar Phear Screenshot

Jaguar 64 (CDs)

1. Highlander II
2. Soul Star (Core Design)
3. Robinson's Requiem
4. Black Ice, White Noise
5. Varuna's Forces
6. Creature Shock
7. Max Force
8. Demolition Man
9. Brett Hull Hockey
10. Dragon's Lair II

(Creature Shock Image)

A REAL Creature Shock Image.

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