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Jaguar 64 Hardware

Some Jaguar Hardware ONLY Available in Dimension X.

Jaguar 64 Classic

Cartridge based unit, 2Mb RAM, 24-bit colour, stereo sound, 64 bit bus, 5 chips, 2 32 bit RISC CPU's, 64 bit object processor, 64 bit Blitter, Digital Signal Processor and 68000 CPU for I/O etc. Supports 1-8 unique 17/23 button controller(s). (3/8 fire buttons and numeric keypad) RGB and composite video and s-video plus either PAL UHF or NTSC output.
(Picture of Jaguar+Jaguar CD)

Jaguar 64 CD Combo

The Jaguar 64 Combo is simply a Jaguar 64 with an integral Jaguar CD unit. The specifications of the combined unit are EXACTLY the same as the two units, the Jaguar 64 (classic) and Jaguar-CD bought as seperate items. The difference is that the Jaguar 64 Combo has a stylish new case, much smoother and angled, more stylish than a Saturn or Playstation. The Jaguar 64 Combo also comes with the enhanced 23-button Pro-Controller as standard, rather than the normal Jaguar 18-button controller. The big red power button is at the back.
Jaguar Combo Picture
The Jaguar 64 Combo is No.#1 Best-Seller!

Jaguar/2 64

The Jaguar/2 64 is a second, next-generation machine designed to supercede the standard Jaguar 64. The Jaguar 64 has now been overtaken speed-wise by the polygon hardware of the Saturn, Playstation and Nintendo 64 even though the throughput of the Jaguar 64 is still very respectable. The Jaguar/2 64 has a massively enhanced 64-bit chipset PARTICULARLY OPTIMIZED for texture-mapping. The machine can generate light-sourced, gouraud-shaded, texture-mapped polygons at over 4 times the speed of the Playstation, making the Jaguar/2 64 the fastest system available today.
The Jaguar/2 64 specification enhancements include 4Mb RAM, an integral ROM API for faster software development, a quad-speed CD drive (rather than the double-speed on the Jaguar Combo) and a 68010 CPU to help decrease bus-bandwidth utilisation. The system bus now runs at 57.6 Mhz, twice that of the Jaguar bus, but it still offers Jaguar compatibility through a compatibility mode. The blitter now has 8Kb of texture-RAM too, and can operate in phase-mode for all types of operation instead of just some modes. These features combined massively enhance texture-mapping ability. These enhancements will mean more to the Jaguar developer than the end-user. The end-user just sees better games.
Atari have licensed the JAVA technology from Sun, and a Jaguar JAVA Virtual Machine will be available on cartridge in the future. The JAVA code will run on the Jaguar using a "just-in-time" compiler for maximum performance, and the cartridge will support the Jag-Store for program storage. The rumoured Jag-Store/100 will no doubt be supported as the preferred storage device. The add-on will be included with the Jaguar/2 specific internet connection kit which will utilise the Jaguar 64 Voice Modem, and offer Web Browsing abilities, along with eMail sending and receiving just like the Sega Saturn product.
The Jaguar 64 is also 100% Jaguar software compatible, giving the Jaguar/2 64 an immediate library of software available. New Jaguar/2 software is still fairly scarce at present, but both cartridges and CD titles are under development now, with all the big-name developers, including previously Nintendo or Sega only developers coming on-board.

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