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Some Jaguar Hardware ONLY available in Dimension X.

Co-Jag Systems

Atari Games (formerly part of Time-Warner Interactive, now part-of Williams Bros.) were very impressed with the Jaguar hardware and they have produced a derivative of the Jaguar called the CO-JAG. This machine, based on the same chipset but with more RAM and a 68020 I/O processor, is a formidable arcade player and the first game to use it are the massive hit, "Area 51" which has consistently topped the arcade popularity charts!
(Area 51 Logo)

Co-Jag-VR Systems !NO!

Available as a low-cost VR arcade machine, the Jaguar Co-Jag VR is the culmination of Atari Corporation's push for VR, Virtuality's VR technology, and Atari-Games Co-Jag unit. Games initially available for the Co-Jag VR include Virtuality's VR flag-ship titles such as Zone-Hunter, the advantage of Co-Jag VR being the reduced cost. The platform also helps to provide Jaguar VR owners with arcade perfect versions of Virtuality's hit games.
(Zone-Hunter Screen-Shot)

Co-Jag/X (AKA eXtreme) !NO!

The Co-Jag/X is really just a second version of the Co-Jag based on the Jaguar/2 chipset. The massive increase in performance offered by the Jaguar/2 chipset, with it's huge texture-mapping capability, and increased clock-speed is allowing Atari-Games to develop new arcade solutions like you've never seen before. As with the Co-Jag, the Co-Jag/X includes a hard disk and laser-disk capability, and the Co-Jag cabinet can support a number of games, and up to 2 light-guns. Co-Jag/X is helping Atari-Games to win the arcade war, and is helping Atari Corporation to win the console war with it's supply of games.

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