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The facts on this site relate to another dimension, where things are different, and should not be taken as representative of the state of the Jaguar market in our dimension. News from Alter Atari is intermittent, and usually has no relation to what happens in our dimension. (i.e. it's not really happening here, just in that other dimension.)
This site used to be called "Dimension X" but too many people thought that the pages were about real facts, and I got numerous eMails asking where to buy the Jaguar 2 etc., and I also found that many people thought "Dimension X" was related to "Project X". (Note there is a new set of pages called "Joy of X" which relate to Project X.)

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The facts on this site relate to another dimension!
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All trademarks used in this site belong to their respective companies, and are respected as such. No disrespect is intended to products which are available now or were available in the past by stories which question their success in another dimension. The news stories represented here are fictitious, and should not be repeated, quoted, or mis-represented as true on other sites. The stories are intended to represent new from a totally different world, where only some products available now exist, and other products not available now, do exist. In other words, if you as the owner of any trademark object to anything we have said in our stories, let us know and we will remove them right now, and you have our apologies. However, we hope you will enjoy Alter Atari and take the site as an excursion into an alternative dimension.