About This Site

About This Site

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This site is a leading Jaguar 64 site on the net!


The JustClaws web-site exists just because JustClaws, in 1995, wanted to design a site which would do justice to the range of games available for, and activities relating to, the Atari Jaguar 64 console. There are no direct commercial activities at the present time.


This site was designed by JustClaws, but been a cob-web for years. Updates to the site are hardly on-going, but he is still actively seeking out links to related sites and to sites useful to new Atari Jaguar fans.


This site has broadly been created with cheap tools which run under IBM OS/2 Warp 4, or under WinOS2, the MS-Windows 3.1 Win32s compatible environment in OS/2 Warp. Very little code has been written by hand, most of it has been written using HTML design tools.He has tried to ensure that all pages and graphics used are cross-platform compatible. Everything is best viewed with the browser of your choice. We once preferred Netscape Navigator for Mac, or Communicator for OS/2 Warp. Now we recommend Firefox or Opera, even IE7.


The Bowes.Co.Uk site was registered with Nominet via Netnames UK on the 3rd February 1998, by R.J.Turner of Bowes Internet Services, and the site which was originally hosted on personal home-space provided by Compuserve moved twice before 'landing' home here. Bowes Internet Services Design has been designing and running a number of significant and popular sites, non-commercially, since December 1995.


Where is not significant to the internet, but the pages are designed in Bowes, County Durham, England (UK), and also in Garching Bei Munchen, Bavaria, Germany. At present the domain is hosted by MaxImpact.Net, a UK run company with facilities in California, USA.

Legal Warnings

This site is copyright "Bowes Internet Design", and no page or image may be copied or used elsewhere without the explicit written permission of R.J.Turner. Links to this site should only be to a top-level, either http://www.bowes.co.uk/justclaws/ or to one of the sub-indexes such as http://www.bowes.co.uk/justclaws/devcats/ unless agreed with Richard Turner in advance as individual pages may change name at any time.
Many images used on this site, with the exception of images used on advertising pages, are original artwork created by Richard Turner. No images may be used on other internet sites without the express written permission of R.J.Turner of Bowes Internet Services.

Legal Disclaimers

Some pages which may appear as part of this site due to linking are the intellectual property of others, we respect their ownership, and link to them where necessary with their permission.